Water Recycling

Iron Eagle Enterprises is pleased to announce the opening of its water recycling terminal in Sherrodsville, OH, to serve oil and gas drillers operating in the area. We accept and process all types of oilfield waste and process water.

The wastewater is treated first and then filtered to remove contaminants. The recycled water is hauled back to the producers to continue the cycle of drilling and stimulating wells (shale or conventional).

Features and benefits of the water recycling plant:

Call today to learn more about our recycling process, which saves money and conserves water—our most valuable resource.

We serve customers in Ohio, Pennsylvania and West Virginia.

Download our Water Recycling Flyer for more information.

Contact Information

Mike McKenzie,
Director of Operations
Cell: 330-565-2760

Chris Watson
Environmental Health & Safety
Cell: 330-720-1232

Iron Eagle Enterprises, LLC
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